Saturday, February 28, 2004

Answers to Round Two / Set-up for Round Three

Answers to Round Two:
A. Jean Calvin. Those who got the right answer recognized my club-footed description of Double Predestination.

B. Patripassionism. The key to recognizing patripassionism is the activity question. In modalism, the question revolves around person and not activity. The activity is of less importance because the same singular God is doing all of them and appearing to be the Son and Holy Spirit. In patripassionism, there is clearly a distinction between the persons of Father and the Son, affirmation that they both exist, but here what the Son does, the Father does. Fr. H's comment about being confused by the absence of sufficient description of the beer is a "red herring."

Round Three:

Okay, folks Name that Heresy! Description A. is a Protestant Reformer or founder of an ecclesial community. Description B. is a known condemned heresy.

A. A man walks into the bar and sits down. The waiter comes over to take his order. "I'll have steak fingers," the man says. The waiter replies, "We don't serve steak fingers here, consult the menu.' The man replies, "I have been given a better menu which explains everything about your menu." "Let me see it," the waiter responds. "uh, I can' is hidden." To break the situation, the "Okay would like a cup of coffee." The man says, "Decaf only. God says the other stuff is evil."

B. A man walks into the bar and orders a beer. He looks closely at the bartender. The bartender is dirty, his fingernails need to be clipped, and he can't quite get the beer in the glass. When the bartender sets the glass before the man, the man looks at him and says, "It is obvious to me that because of your terrible bartending skills that this is not really beer you set before me."

Have fun...Answers appearing next week and a reminder whenever this archives.

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