Thursday, February 26, 2004

Apology Accepted!

I received the following email from the editor over at Crisis Magazine. (I edited it for brevity's sake.)
Hi Father Tharp,

First, let me apologize. And I mean, really friggin' apologize. I put your letter in our last promotional mailing because I saw it in the mailing before, and I'd assumed that you'd given permission at an earlier time. We would never knowingly use someone's letter for marketing purposes without getting their go-ahead (besides, I think it's illegal). So, somewhere along the line, we dropped the ball.

Brian Saint-Paul

Apparently someone forwarded my comments to the magazine editors, and Mr. Saint-Paul was gracious enough to reply. This is another reason why I like Crisis. It is obviously run by top-notch folks.

Apology accepted. And this month's issue has a really excellent article on the Second Vatican Council that qualifies as much read material. More on that later...

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