Friday, February 20, 2004

Did I mention (part Two)...?

I am working on a new project. I had the idea for about four years perking around my brain. The idea was to provide a small group discussion format for basic adult catechesis and formation.

So last summer I started the program full force. It is called the Borromeo Project. It is a three year program where participants study in the first year the Catechism of the Catholic Church, in the second year, the Vatican II documents, and in the third year, the encyclicals of John Paul II. It is exciting and I have finished the first quarter of the first year. After a quick edit I am going to send it to Ignatius Press. Hopefully they will publish it.

The idea is that a priest would lead the first small group. Each group would have a maximum of 12 people in it, not counting the leader. Each participant must daily read and reflect upon questions that I have provided. These questions stress basic knowledge of the material. Also, the daily sessions include time for prayer and utilizes some excellent devotional prayers. Then the group session stresses connections and synthesis, often asking participants to apply lessons to themselves. At the end of three years, you would have 12 who could lead 12 groups or have a better ability to contribute to the parish's life in lots of ways.

I am very excited and lots of folks have responded very positively. In the coming weeks, two pilot groups will be starting the program. One group will be at Saint John's in Edmond, OK and the other will be in Winfield, KS. Please pray for my stamina and for the pilot teams. Also, pray that Ignatius or some publisher will pick this up.

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