Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Ecce Homo, Ecce Pelicula

Please excuse the language mingling. Since our junior ragemonkey was able to see THE MOVIE, I suspect the cat is out of the bag. We can all expect a review from him very soon.

To be fair and balanced (hahahahahahahahaha), I wanted to include the review from the Associated Press. I would call it the normal handwringing concerning violence. (Oh, that reviews would ring their hands over overt sexual exploitation in movies.) The review in general is complimentary, especially to the cinamatography and the detailed screenplay that Gibson put together.

Once you realize the impact the movie might have, then you should start to expect the bitter screeds against them. Case in point: Andy Rooney. Yes, our favorite garden gnome of the news commentary world has weighed with his opinion. And the verdict? GIbson must be "crazy" if he wants to present Christ to the world.

This reaction is to be expected. St. Paul called the Cross a stumbling block for Jews and an absurdity to Greeks/Gentiles. Gibson is a good witness to us as we begin Lent. Many people will think we are odd or overly pessimissitic to deny ourselves things we like for 40 WHOLE DAYS. But I am not living for here alone. I am living to live with Christ, and that leads me right to the Cross.

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