Sunday, February 29, 2004

EWTN programming idea

Since Catholic hierarchy and so-called "Catholic" politicians have been in the news of late, why not take an ugly situation and make a fun game we all can enjoy? It works like this: We round up so-called "Catholic" politicians around the USA at all levels, national to local, and invite them to be on the Catholic version of "Weakest Link"! It would be tempting to have Madame Weakest Link do the honors, but I suggest Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz in full pontifical regalia (check out them buskins)! The only twist? All "contestants" would be told "You ARE the weakest link! Goodbye!" Or perhaps for a more ecclesial flare and as a slight variation of the dismissal at Holy Mass, the good bishop, one of his assisting deacons, or other suitable minister, could chant: "Ite, mendacium est!"

While we're at it.... Judge for yourself. Does Anne Robinson look anything like this chimp?

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