Thursday, February 26, 2004

From the Why Don't People Think files
Distributing Holy Communion in our little daily Mass chapel is always awkward. It quite clearly was never designed to be a chapel and so the faithful must perform gnostic movements to guarantee proper flow of "traffic" -- a flow that, by one improper step to the left or right, can be so tragically altered (ha!) that it sets off a falling domino-like chain reaction. And, so it didn't take much today for my observant eye to catch a movement out of the ordinary.

An older woman who has been ill the last few days, first in line to receive the Sacred Host today, hung behind in what I can only describe as a liturgical shuffle or line dance. After everyone had received the Sacred Host, she jumped behind the last person in the line for the Precious Blood. In the midst of being so considerate for the health of her fellow parishioners, I guess it never dawned on her that I was the one who would have to consume what remained after she had received.

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