Sunday, February 22, 2004

He's Home but not Home Free!

As many of you know, Fr. Benedict Groeschel, C.F.R. was involved in a very serious car accident while working in Florida. There were several days when I opened the website expecting to see black crepe and funeral notices. The accident left Father with a broken arm, a broken leg, some kind of head trauma, and I think he had a heart attack as a result of the accident. Father is 70 years old and I wasn't quite sure how much longer we would have him amongst us.

That was a month ago. He has gone home to New York. I gave a link to Fr. Glenn Sudano, C.F.R. , Community Servant above (just click the picture). It is the most recent letter but you can access the past letters from there as well. The recovery has been nothing short of a miracle. It might even be a miracle, albeit a hard one to use for canonization purposes or prove in general. The hard part has begun for him.

So folks, please continue to storm Heaven for this most excellent priest. I suspect that without his intervention I would have abandoned my vocation to priesthood. If anyone is interested, I will tell you the story of how Fr. B. made courage my favorite virtue.

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