Friday, February 20, 2004

id ego habui!

I have had it! You know, I am clearly the intellectually inferior member of this blog. There are no "focus groups" starting up in various areas of the region due to my academic work. I'm not doing much to get me much of a reputation around here, except with the Highway Patrol. I have not submitted anything to a publisher and, therefore, I don't expect any swanky looking books to come out with my name on them. I do have things to offer, however, and I try to do that. I suppose it is clear by now that I try to offer plenty of humor and teasing, all in good fun. It is just such a contribution that I tried to make in the comment box of Fr. Tharp's Clay Aiken post. I made a humorous remark about a factual event Fr. Tharp himself reveals and describes. Here I have pasted the series of comments for the record:

Rev. Stephen V. Hamilton @ 10:35PM | February 20th 2004| permalink
Ha, ha, ha! He bought the CD! I love it!

Fr. Shane Tharp @ 10:39PM | February 20th 2004| permalink
At least I can admit it. What was that poster I saw in the rectory?

Rev. Stephen V. Hamilton @ 10:49PM | February 20th 2004| permalink
Uh, "admit it"? I think that is more properly called "spinning it"! I was trying to be nice by keeping my remarks in the comment box, but your poster claim may force me into all-out blog posting to restore my good name among our readers!

Fr. Shane Tharp @ 10:54PM | February 20th 2004| permalink
To quote the Bard, "methinks the Lady doth protest too much."

A baseless, outrageous claim about some poster in the rectory. Given the banter and the context, readers could easily presume Fr. Tharp is referencing some poster in my rectory. And given the low-grade entertainment his post described (entertainment he sought out and paid for, by the way) readers may be led to presume that the poster depicts some equally low-grade "performer" currently lauded in pop culture. I shudder to think at what may be passing through the minds of many readers! N'SYNC? Brittany? Maybe a homemade poster of favorite Superbowl Halftime Show memories? Or could it be as harmless as Veggie Tales? Maybe as harmless, though still worrisome, as Tele Tubbies? How do you spell that anyway?

My friends, not a poster is to be found in the rectory where I reside. You can come see for yourself. You will find that I eat between enormous images of the Divine Mercy and Our Lady of Guadalupe hanging on opposite walls. To be fair, I did not place those images there and so I can't take credit. However, let your minds be cleared of whatever images certain irresponsible comments have helped to create. Yes, the Alpha-male rages on. I should have suspected I was being led into an evil jungle plot. Is it not good enough that I am inferior? Must I also be destroyed? I suppose it is the only way Fr. Tharp can try to undo that I was ordained to the Holy Priesthood one year before him!

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