Monday, February 23, 2004

It's Not Easy Being Green...So Quit!

From the Delusions of Electability Files, Ralph Nader throws his hat into the ring. This is the guy who ran as a Green Party member the last two elections and got a tiny percentage of the vote. Technically it was a statistical dead heat between Ralph, myself, and the martyrs of the Mexican Revolution.

For this election, Ralph has abandoned his verdant party past and embraced the Independent Party. Typical of American politics. When your personal position doesn't work, dump it! I personally don't think that Nader will make much of a difference in the election now. If he has any support, he lost it the instant he changed affiliation.

Most laughably, he claims that he will be more effective against GWB in the upcoming election. Who is he kidding? This guy wouldn't be effective against an aggressive slice of pizza.

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