Friday, February 27, 2004

Lenten Reflection #2 is up
You may link to it from the title above. A link to the reflection site is also always accessible by going to the sidebar (on the right) and scrolling down to the heading "MONKEY LIKE SPINOFFS!", clicking on "Lenten Reflections 2004".

In addition, should you feel the need to comment on any given reflection, you can do so here on this blog on the post pertaining to the reflection you want to reference. I would be most interested in hearing from readers about any suggested changes to the reflection format. Are the reflections too long? Would it make it easier to only provide a link for the Scripture passage, relying on readers to read the verses I indicate? Or is providing the Scripture text within the reflection better? Would changing the days of reflection posting be better? Currently it is Wednesdays and Fridays -- perhaps moving the Wednesday one up, say to Tuesday, would space it out more nicely? Please let me know.

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