Sunday, February 22, 2004

Okay! We'll tell you

We have been inundated with requests to our liturgical department regarding what Fr. Tharp and Fr. Hamilton will be wearing for Ash Wednesday. This is an aspect of blogging we never expected. But, public persons that we are, we are happy to accede to these requests. I have searched the internet long and hard to find an image of our sacred vesture for Ash Wednesday. Here it is:

There's a little taste of the fabric, anyway. The Children of the World Chasuble! I have dubbed this product the "Children who will never see the light of day because they will be shut inside the bottom drawer of my sacristy" chasuble. Seriously, we each own an absolutely dignified Holy Rood Guild vestment which will be in use. Unfortunately, I cannot find a photo of the vestment itself. But rest assured, it doesn't appear as if we just cut swatches of fabric off of Great-Grandma's couch and decided it was liturgically worthy!

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