Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Our influence on culture
I'm always reminded at this time of year just how much of an influence Catholicism has on our culture, even that of the present day United States. It never fails. Always around this time of year, McDonald's ads pick a rather unlikely menu item to advertise: the McFish Fillet Sandwich, or whatever they call it. I remember at my last parish that Long John Silver's suddenly mailed the parish a flyer announcing family meal deals. Last year I saw Chile's even had little table placards that advertised their "Lent Menu". I kid you not. I couldn't believe they actually used the word. Examples abound. The wider society may not understand us and so much of the year is a reminder of how disgusted we are by their trite treatment of faith, Christianity, and the Catholic Church in particular. But today, simply smile that our Church does have an enormous impact on the culture around us. And the next time you hear a McDonald's commercial, say, "Yes, indeed, I am lovin' it!"

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