Monday, February 23, 2004

Preparation for Lent [Part One]

Since all or most of us live lives that are busy and loud, a good way to take advantage of Lent is with renewed spiritual reading. There are lots of profitable books and I wanted to suggest just a couple.

One that I have read:
Transformation in Christ by Dietrich Von Hildebrand

This classic of the spiritual life was an unknown to me until I read VH's biography. This book worked on my mind and possibly improved my hearing of confessions. The biggest asset to the book was it helped me to take my actions more consciously and more seriously.

I have provided the link to Amazon for those who would like to order it now. But I would recommend hitting your local Catholic Book Shoppe. That way, the money "stays in the family." Or get a Sophia Institute Catalog. Unfortunately, the website was hard to use.

Two I am reading for Lent:

And You are Christ's by Fr. Thomas Dubay, S.M.

I was browsing this book after meeting the author in Wichita at the Family Life Conference. For someone who writes on the spiritual life, this was someone very present to those around him. So this one is to strengthen my commitment to celibacy. No, I don't mean like that. Celibacy and virginity should be a source of spiritual strength and power but usually it sits in the garage of the soul like a tricked out Corvette.

The link will take you directly to Ignatius Press.

The School of Prayer by John Brook
This one is a re-read. And No, it has nothing to do with this bozo. I read it on the Spiritual Year at Saint Charles. It was most helpful and given that a big part of my life as a priest is praying the Divine Office, I would like to pray it better at the end of Lent. It is also a very useful book for those who are starting out praying the office.

My apologies for linking to Amazon again. Please see the suggestion above.

Anyone else got some suggestions?

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