Saturday, February 21, 2004

Superman vs. Batman

This one's for all the comic nerds out there. I was watching History Channel about, oh, 2 months ago, and they had a special on the history of the comic book. One very interesting interview was with Frank Miller who brought to print the very excellent "The Dark Knight Returns." Anyway he commented that he delibarately put Superman and Batman at odds. After all their approaches are very different. Superman sees a world as basically good, and therefore his job is only to keep things in line. Not so for Batman. Batman sees the world as fundamentally flawed and therefore justice and right must be enforced. Or some would say, Inflicted.

What's the point? I think Miller might be on to something. Superheroes in some way speak to the essential character virtues that we wish to embody. I have always preferred Batman to Superman, althought Spiderman has held some sway as well. I think I like Batman more not because the purported worldview held, but because it isn't easy to be Batman. Yes, the gadgets and the brains help, but when it comes down at the end of the day, here is a guy that a bullet will stop. It costs him more to be heroic.

Am I cracked? Anyone else think/feel this way?

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