Thursday, February 19, 2004

Why Ragemonkey?

I know what you are thinking. At least I think I do. What the deuce is a "ragemonkey" and why would a Catholic priest name his site after one?

When a priest starts seminary, a couple of constants emerge. One of these, hopefully, is commitment to the Gospel and personal sanctity. Another is grousing about things happening in the seminary, the Church, and the world at large. This is a mixed blessing. It can represent a "restlessness" that desires all things to move toward Christ. This means that change will be in the offing. The downside is it can reflect a certain disobedient, uncharitable attitude. But regardless of its source, the effect is the same. As observations and the attendant frustrations mount, a voice starts chattering in one's head. It proposes solutions and directions and ideas that might be of benefit. But no one hears them until they burst forth. The bursting forth is the work of the inner ragemonkey and everyone has one.

The ragemonkey is an apt symbol for this blog. Is anyone really satisfied with the way our government acts toward the unborn, the worker, the elderly, the poor, etc.? No? Unleash your ragemonkey and begin to work. Is anyone really satisfied with their spiritual life? No? Unleash the ragemonkey and unflinchingly examine one's self. In short, the ragemonkey should be that voice that encourages and strengthens you to hold fast in the fight. It is the voice of perserverence and courage in one's soul.

Is your ragemonkey asleep? If you read here long enough, I don't think it will be.

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