Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Alternate Blessing?

In the further controversy concerning if and when to bless folks at Mass, DWB makes this astute comment, He says, "So I guess my question is, would a blessing at another point in the mass for those feeling unworthy to receive communion a valid option to wean people off the assumption that they can go up in the communion procession and receive a blessing from the priest?" Great question but I am not sure it would help. Here's why.

First, blessing people who feel unworthy to go to Holy Communion at any point obscures the real deal: what is causing the "unworthiness?" The problem for me would be the potential for thinking that my blessings is an adequate substitute for Holy Communion. Instead, the source of the unworthiness will have to be addressed. Is it mortal sin? Go to confession and combat that sin. Are you in an invalid marriage? Then get to work on straightening out the matter. Are you a Non-Catholic who is deeply interested in becoming Catholic but are afraid to try? BE NOT AFRAID! Go talk to the priest and begin afresh

Second, no one would take part in it because it would be like advertising the separation.

Third, it would mean introducing yet another innovation where one is not permitted. This reminds me though. Most formal blessings do have a form for use during Mass. I didn't want someone to think I was saying no to the blessing of throats on St. Blase's day.

Thanks for the question, DWB.

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