Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Behold, I make all things new!

The first year as pastor of Sacred Heart in Alva, OK is drawing to a close. One of my little projects has been updating vestments and equipment for the sacred liturgy. I recently had several bequests come through and decided to put them to good use. Some of the money will go for new vestments and some for new hymnals. In the hymnal department, don't expect anything radical. It's a small community and I can't teach chant. But the vestments are another story.

I purchased these for the parish this morning from Holy Rood Guild. What do you think?

Now, don't panic. I only bought one set of funeral vestments. The picture of the first set of funeral vestments is only very close to the actual vestment I purchased. The purple accented vestments I have already purchased. I actually purchased 8 vestments today, but I couldn't find pictures of everything. If you are looking for gifts for the newly ordained, I heartily recommend Holy Rood Guild

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