Friday, March 19, 2004

A Blast from the Past!

The internet is a wonderful tool for reconnecting with folks you have lost touch with. Case in point, Summa Contra Mundum. I read with interest the lastest post on the need for a New Eroticism as I was doing one of my blog crawls.

I couldn't get the comments area to open which is becoming a problem for me. I can't ever access HaloScan and Squwak Box systems. If you use these, you might check and make sure the system is working. I sent an email and the name that popped up was familiar. So I emailed and I was right. The author of the blog and I went to seminary for a couple of years. He went on to the vocation of marriage and a doctorate in Philosophy. I would suspect that his speciality is either medieval or modern philosophy, but I forgot to ask. I stuck out the seminary and here we are.

I fondly remember the "discussion" we had over the relative merits of "Briscoe County, Junior" versus "The X-Files." In the long run, he was right about the weaknesses of the X-Files. Oh, well, you can't win them all.

When things get too wishy-washy over here, sample a little of his bracing brew.

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