Thursday, March 25, 2004

Book Club On!

Okay, I've thought about it and we are going to experiment. Old Oligarch gave some good ideas, but let's just do a test run. Thanks to everyone who commented and gave me some ideas for the long run.

So the new Book Club Blog is: A Dusty, Sunny Corner. Our first book will be announced there and the first post concerning the selected book will go up on April 1st. No Joke. I will also try to give a reading schedule with each new book. Follow that and you will keep up with everything. Then every Friday, I will make a comment about the section we should have read in last week. Comments area will be for agreement, disagreement, and development. If a particularly good thread develops, additional posts may appear during the week.

For now, I will blog alone. But it will be a success if and only if you read and participate. Go there now and get cracking.

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