Monday, March 01, 2004

Fascinated by making a living

After the Rite of Election, my four candidates for full communion and their sponsors and friends all schleped down to Spaghetti Warehouse for a little dinner. When we arrived, I noticed that the management had hired a clown to entertain the kids. He was either a clown or someone with a terrible podiatrist. I could not keep my eyes off him. I kept scanning the room for his presence in the hopes that he might come over to the table. I don't know why that would be though. Normally, when I have to be funny "on command" I either freeze up or say something funny but remarkably scandalous.

Now I realize that no matter how much I want to be different on this point, this is just who I am. I don't take a joke well. I know what you are thinking. Fr. T is a witty fat guy. He could take a pie in the face with the best of them and think nothing of it. There's where you would be wrong. If anyone set me up to take a pie in the chops, I would outwardly laugh. I would inwardly plot your demise. And it would not be pleasant. Something involving muscle deadening poisons and chopping.

I guess I take myself too seriously much of the time. And there is that whole dignity of priesthood issue as well. I wouldn't want Tradition in Action to do a feature on me. If they will attack the Holy Father, what hope does a portly pastor in Alva, OK, have of avoiding an excoriating commentary?

Back to the story. As I sat there and as I returned to my little parish, thoughts and questions about this hard-working busker kept coming. Does he drive to work dressed that way? If so, what does he say to the cop who pulls him over? Does the cop have a hernia suppressing the urge to say, "Okay, buddy, no funny stuff!" Even better, if he stops at McDonald's, does he get a discount being related to the corporate sponsor and all?

More on this if I can find his name and website...

As promised, through the power of the WWW and my cable modem, I found him...I think. (405) 373-4742 Wilbur & Willy's Sidewalk Circus Clowns 4314 Northeast Ryan Drive, Piedmont, OK 73078. I was planning on being the founding pastor of the parish in Piedmont.

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