Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Hail, Glorious St. Patrick!

This post is somewhat compulsory given Fr. H's and my background. I believe that Fr. H is full blood Irish, while I am myself, at least half Irish, thanks to contributions from both parents. Also, on my father's side, I am fractionally Welsh, which gives me a double claim to the great Saint.

Here's to you, St. Patrick. Without you, the faith would not have been permitted to spread throughout Europe. Without you, the serpents of false religion and paganism would have nested permanently on those Emerald shores. By your intercession, may the people of the British Isles recall the true and historical faith she once possessed.

Learn more about St. Patrick from the following resources:
About the man
About his writngs and prayers
Novena to St. Patrick (oops, wish I would have found this 9 days ago.)
Chaplet of Saint Patrick
Take a pilgrimage
For the Kids

Also, for today, every one of my posts today will have something to do with St. Patrick or Ireland.

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