Monday, March 01, 2004

I have been wondering what would start the Persecution

And so it begins. Catholic Charities in California is going to be forced to provide birth control as part of its health coverage. Here's the story.

Here's my question. Why is this an issue? If you are working for Catholic Charities, you shouldn't be using birth control anyway right? So who brought this case up? If it was outside the organization, what business is it of theirs anyway?

Man, this really gets under my skin. Catholic Charities is a part of the religious structure of the Church. Therefore, where do the courts get off telling us what we have to accept? Just because the society at large has decided it's morally permissible to flush a generation or two down the toilet, the courts are out of line trying to make us go along with it. What's next? Abortion Coverage?

I would have made this a Ragemonkey Red Alert but I am impotent with and incoherent from raw anger. More on this later...

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