Monday, March 15, 2004

Is this a good idea?

I am not the censor of the universe. But even I know when something is not a good idea. This is one of those well-intentioned but really dumb ideas.

The place is called XXXChurch and it is an effort between two Protestant Youth Ministers. Not bad, right? Porn is bad for everyone. It distorts our identity as sexual being. It manipulates the person who purchased it and the person who produced it.

But the capper is the Operation: Save the Kittens Website. Apparently, to discourage masturbation in folks, they promote the notion (tongue in cheek) that God kills a kitten every time you pleasure yourself. You know what I mean, wink wink nudge nudge.

Why is this dumb, you ask? Well...let's think this through for a minute. Has it ever occurred in the past that by making light of a serious matter that the matter is resolved? Maybe Rosa Parks should have worn a shirt that said,"Every time I am forced to sit in the back of the bus, God stomps on a puppy." The answer is NO. Why? It wasn't because you couldn't buy a T-shirt. It's because it denigrates the issue that you are bringing out. Essentially, you are saying, "This is serious enough for me to mention to you, but not serious enough for me to really engage you about." So while they wildly suggest that pastors get in the gutter and confront these matters, they throw up this little website.

And that's another thing that cheeses me off. I am in the gutter with these people. It's called Confession. Every time I hear a confession, we assume the person wants to change and move out of the gutter and come to street level. How does this happen? Through the office of priesthood the priest counsels and exhorts and finally dispenses the GRACE OF THE CROSS to the person. He encounters humanity in its worst state when he encounters it in the confessional. Furthermore, in the last year alone, I have brought up in three different homilies and multiple times in RCIA the destructive power of Porn. So where does he get off telling pastors and ministers to deal more agressively with it.

You need to check this out today. And if anyone wants to buy me a gift while you are there, I would suggest either this

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But remember I am a large and in charge and in control Catholic Priest. Largest size on the site is suggested.

More on this to come...

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