Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Letters to a Young Catholic

George Weigel has another book out. Read an interview about it here and a review of it here. Though I have not yet read his latest work, I am sure this book will be still more supporting evidence that George may just be an auxiliary member of the Trinity! George: Deus es! [The previous acclamation is not to be taken as a formal creedal statement in whole or in part. It does not reflect the faith of Fr. Hamilton or Fr. Tharp. Catholic Ragemonkey blog and any subsidiary it has directly inspired professes Catholic faith in the Trinity.] I am privileged to call George a friend. We came to know one another while he stayed at my seminary during his work on the biography of Pope John Paul II.

George was interviewed on the Today Show this morning by Campbell Brown. Poor Miss Brown couldn't even pronounce George's last name, saying "Wee-gul". She demonstrated almost a total lack of vocabulary for the realm of faith, along with the requisite admission that she "had been raised Catholic". In addition, what left me rolling on the floor laughing, was that the topic of faith and the rising generation of young Catholics was immediately followed by an overpowering version of "Who Let the Dogs Out?" as the next segment was about dogs! I think I suffered media whiplash once again. But, I suppose given the trait of loyalty often associated with dogs, George may not have minded sharing a stage with canines. The impoverished media...they just don't get it.

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