Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Little Rock takes on Peter
Oh, folks! Thanks to Mom for passing this gem on to me. Yes, my mom has been pulled into the blogging now. Whahahahah! Linda Newkirk in Little Rock, AR, has been called to prophecy. By the way, the last time I visited Little Rock, it looks nothing like the mountain displayed on her website (no offense to my Arkansan friends).

This lady is busy! She has many writings and they have even been translated into other languages! Check the exciting and informative index of Book 1 for things you never knew about the Vatican and the Pope. Of the things to level against the Pope, this one caught my eye as particularly strange: "Yea, The Pope is working in darkness to bring communism back to new heights." We'll have to wait on George Weigel to tell us more about that one, I guess. And check here for updates on fulfilled prophecies!

And here is a brief highlight from the (very long!) message mailed to Mom's workplace today:

"Across America, churches are run by whores, who have arbitrated My word to please the masses! Across America, the churches are run by preachers, who have entered into a blasphemous covenant with a Luciferian government, the purpose of this covenant being to silence My pastors and to keep you in shackles. Yea, great numbers of you have willingly entered into a blasphemous agreement with a Luciferian government, and this covenant is the 501(C)3 tax agreement! ... Hidden concentration camps dot this land from North to South and from East to West and the Satanists, who run this government from the very top, cherish the day when these camps will be filled with Christians..."

I had no idea so much was at stake with the 501(C)3 tax agreement. And it's a 'covenant' no less!

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