Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Steps to Authentic Reform: St. Patrick

St. Patrick started out as a slave. Captured by hostile raiders from Ireland, he was dragged to a foreign land. While there he learned their language and eventually returned home. Now, ask yourself what you would do? If it were me, I would settle down in my mud hovel with my wife and have lots of kids. Not for St. Pat. He leaps up and relatively promptly moves back to Ireland. Only the heart of missionary zeal and charity explains that.

Step Five: Missionary Activity Anyone surprised by this one? If you want reform and transformation, you must be willing to go out and bring the Gospel to others. It follows that the missionary must be fully conversant with the tenets and implications of their Faith. And of course, being a missionary means that one must daily grow in Charity to keep your words and deeds from being vapid mouth noises.

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