Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Bishop Olmstead, You're my hero!

As refreshing as a dip in the pool on a hot summer's day is the thought that Thomas Olmstead is a bishop. I first met His Excellency when I gave a presentation in Wichita. He struck me as an all-together good chap who lived and thought in alignment with the Church's teachings. Of course, I was saddened by his move to Phoenix, but I am chastised in my thinking. Clearly, the Holy Spirit knew what He was doing in sending him there.

Case in point: the shocking action of censuring priests who dissent. Apparently for YEARS now, the Diocese of Phoenix has been the hot house provider of heretical orchids for the entire Southwest U.S. And that is about to change. A group of priests and one religious brother signed some interfaith document saying, I assume, homosexuality is not a big deal. Bishop Olmstead showed charity and restraint while still acting in a reasonable and correct manner. That someone "leaked" this to the news folks just chaps my fur.

So, prepare for presecution kids! It's coming. And I don't mean that the black helicopters are going to swoop in on the parish. I mean that in the streets and at the Dairy Queen, folks are going to be less than friendly when they discover that you don't "go with the flow."

As Chesterton once remarked, a dead thing can only go with the flow of the river. Only a living thing can go against it.

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