Sunday, April 18, 2004


This one is for Fr. Hamiliton and Otto (of da Fe fame). I initially didn't enjoy scotch. That ended with a taste of Glenmorangie. Its basic permutation is a single malt scotch, 15 years resting in a barrel. Yummy with a little soda water over ice. There are varients flavored with port, madiera, and a 12 year aged variety. In several conversations with other scotch lovers concerning their favorites, I have received many suggestions. So as a public service, I sat down with one ounce of two lovely scotches poured over several very chilly ice cubes. Consider it a special taste test for those returning to the joys of alcohol in the Easter season. Tonight's selections are Pinch Dimple and Laphroiag. I understand that this is a litte unfair in that one is a blended scotch and a single malt scotch.

Here's the Score Card:

1.) Laphroiag
a.) Nose: Spicy and smoky. Reminds me of oak logs burning in a hearth of a chilly room.
b.) First Sip: Bitter with a burst of peat. Smooth with a sense of citrus and nuttiness of the roasted barley.
c.) On the Tongue: Satisfying tingle on the tongue with no lingering flavor. A sense of sweetness as it evaporated. The sweetness suggested vanilla or butter, something rich and silky.
d.) Finish: Clean without residual flavor.

2.) Pinch Dimple
a.) Nose: Mellow and light. A hint of peat.
b.) First Sip: Sharp snap with no peat. A whiff of smoke or oak as it lingered in the mouth.
c.) On the Tongue: Bright, tangy, lingering while maintaining a mild taste. Not overpowering though.
d.) Finish: Clean, no overwhelming contrast.

I would say the Laphroiag is best for the after dinner drink and the Pinch is best as the before dinner cocktail.

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