Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Examples of Courage as a Virtue

Courage is neither foolhardiness nor recklessness. It is the virture that permits one to enter a conflict with charity and resolve. It is the melding, IMHO, of the virtues of Faith, Love, Prudence and Fortitude.

I was meaning to blog on last weekend's March for Abortion. I refuse to use the euphemistic title for it. But these people who are with Silent No More said everything I wanted to say and better. I will add links as I find them. Please support these men and women in their healing and leading others to healing.

Against The Grain
Martin Sheen Backs Out [This is well timed as I was getting to the point where I couldn't even look at Martin without my BP shooting up. Via Mark Shea]
"Not So Quiet" Catholic Corner [Note: The permalink acted strangely when I pulled it, so you may have to scroll to find it.]
I'm Not a Good Person, But I Play One on TV
Times Against Humanity

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