Saturday, April 17, 2004

Fr. Bob Vila?
In the comments section of my "Mirror, mirror, on the wall" post, Cornelius notices that two of the three photos have me placed in an open doorway. He very astutely notes that there may be some spiritual significance to this. Yes, indeed, the spiritual message can certainly be "Knock and the door shall be opened to you". As well, I continue to try to connect my ministry to the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000 and the Holy Father's call to "Open Wide the Doors to Christ!"

However, there is a much simpler explanation for the settings of those two photos. On the local cable access station, I host a clerical "This Old House" show. You might call me "Fr. Bob Vila"! You will note that the first photo from the "Mirror" post is clearly soon after my arrival on the scene. I am in ordinary, non-liturgical, attire to survey the scene. Behind me you can see the disastrous state of the house we tackled on that episode. The doorway is unfinished. There is sheet rock missing and insulation is still exposed. One can still see the air ducts and electrical wiring. Oh, Saints, preserve us! Thankfully they called Fr. Vila and his crew of "other suitable ministers" to do the job. After much labor, the third photo shows me in the same doorway after renovation. The doorway is complete, the walls are up and painted and the ugliness of the prior scene is gone. Therefore, with task completed, I have donned festive liturgical garb to both celebrate a job well done and to preside at the formal house blessing.

I hope that explains a few things.

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