Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Lenten Reflection...apologies
My apologies to any and all who come to this site to link to the Lenten Reflection series. I was in Oklahoma City yesterday for the Chrism Mass. It was my plan to drive back to my parish today (a four-plus hour drive) and to arrive back here in time to type today's reflection. Well, God had other plans. Is that a sign the reflections are really bad? Seriously, I had some unexpected developments this morning that prevented my early departure from Oklahoma City. So, I was still on the road at the normal hour for reflection posting. Please accept my apologies.

Also, I realize now that I will be unable to post a reflection on Good Friday. I will be celebrating the entire Sacred Triduum at our mission an hour away from here. That means I will be spending the night there and will not have computer access in order to post that final reflection. So, that's 0 and 2 for Holy Week. That was not my original plan and I am sorry if I have disappointed you.

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