Thursday, April 08, 2004

Lessons From Lent 2004

Since Lent is officially over after the celebration of the Mass of the Lord's Supper, it is opportune to reflect upon what I learned from my Lenten observances this year.

1. No TV for the duration of Lent: I have come to realize that TV is not just evil, it is tragically unoriginal. It is peerlessly average. It aims at the lowest common denominator and beats the living tar out of it. I also realize how much power the TV wields. The power of image is greater for the modern mind than it was for our ancient ancestor.

2. Daily Holy Hour using the Letter to the Romans: This one was particularly hard. When you are the "boss" so to speak, you get to determine your daily schedule in large part. It taught me how little I rely on God and how much more I need to rely upon Him alone. The work will be better done if with the Trinity at its heart. The Lord is my boss. I had better start acting more like it. The Letter to the Romans deserves more consideration. I will probably return to it several more times in the next year.

3. Give forgiveness for past hurts.: This one was hard for a different reason. Without a concrete thing or event to attach this to, I often forgot to do it. If I make one of these abstraction resolutions next year I will be sure to add when and how I am going to do this.

4. Improve recitation of the Office: This was an overall success. I think that I will include it every year. And bring a hymnal so I have more tunes to choose from for various hours.

5. No Fast Food: My comments about TV apply with almost no alteration to this issue as well.

I hope everyone's Lent was profitably. May we all see the glory of Heaven.

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