Wednesday, April 28, 2004

New Places to Explore

You have ten seconds to check out these two new locations before I destroy you all. Oh, sorry, that was my interior monologue. What I meant to say was these are two up and coming groups who deserve our support and encouragement.

Kepha is an organization promoting the Gospel for dads and sons. Here is their self description: "KEPHA is a growing brotherhood of Catholic fathers and sons in seven states. Faithful to the Holy Father, we promote the Culture of Life through monthly retreats and shared daily prayers and provoke each other to Heaven according to our motto, "Dynamic Orthodoxy, Infectious Joy." Ours is a high-octane Catholicism rejecting spiritual laziness and moral compromise. We are under the patronage of our "BIG 3": St. John Bosco, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati. KEPHA's anchors are our 5 commitments: apologetics, brotherhood, charity, mortification, and prayer."

Check out KEPHA and see if there is a group near you or found a chapter yourself.

OU Catholics are my favorite ragemonkey minion of the month. They are the group that brought Mark Shea to Oklahoma and therefore they rock! It does my heart good to see young college students being authentically countercultural by standing up for Christ and doing it with Charity. Also they have a blog which might be of interest to all involved.

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