Friday, May 14, 2004

Evidence of the Garden of Eden?
I learned something very important two nights ago. I have an allergy to the skin of the mango fruit. Apparently, the skin of mangos secretes something akin to the problematic secretions of poison ivy! (Perhaps it is more the mango than my allergy.) In the past, when I have eaten the meat of the mango, lovingly peeled for me, I have, of course, not had any problems. However, when I served myself a mango two nights ago, not washing my hands after having touched its skin, and, I'll be honest, planting my face directly into the meat side of the peel, I noticed a burning sensation I was certainly not expecting. My lips have been slightly swollen and itchy since then, and the two corners of my mouth have that slightly red, irritated look.

So, I wonder, as glorious as the taste of the mango is, could it perhaps be the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? Is it time to retire the artistic prejudice by which the poor apple is pictured at the center of the Original Sin of Adam and Eve?

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