Wednesday, May 05, 2004

I'm Leaving...I'm Leaving on the Midnight Train to Georgia...

Not really. Actually, but this time tomorrow I will be well on my way to the city of Brotherly Love. I am returning to Philly for the ordination of one of the men I encouraged to enter the seminary. His name is Joseph Irwin and he is being ordained a deacon on May 8th, which is also the date of my ordination. Then it's on to Jersey, specifically Trenton, for the ordination of one of my school mates from St. Charles. I will be preaching the first mass and I have only give light, tangental thought to my homily.

For those who are wondering, I will be driving this exotic run. I will stop tonight in Winfield, KS and visit with a great priest there, Fr. Bernard Gorges. Then it's back into the car for the 14 hours trip. I expect to stop in Columbus or thereabouts. On Friday, I should get into Philly in the evening, depending upon when I get on the road in the morning.

So, I will try to blog while abroad and if anyone is in the area, post today and we'll see if we can arrange something.

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