Saturday, May 22, 2004

Paging Cacciaguida, paging Maestro Cacciaguida

Like my fascination with chess, my desire to better appreciate opera is born of a form of snobbery. As a person who styles himself as well-educated, opera specifically, and classical music in general, is something I should have a better grasp on than I do. But I have a major disability. I must see an opera to appreciate it. Listening to CDs of the opera I have seen does nothing to help me out. But I am starting out again with a different approach.

About a month ago, I mentioned how much I am enjoying a CD featuring Renee Fleming and Bryn Terfel. I also have an album of Terfel singing Handel arias, and that one is really marvelous. So, the plan is to play to celebrity. I will get my prehensile feet on some of the operas he has done. I am currently bidding on a copy of "Elijah" on EBay and would like to score a copy of "Don Giovanni" with Terfel playing either Giovanni or il Leporello. I will keep you posted.

If you are reading this Cacciaguida, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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