Saturday, May 29, 2004

Theology on Tap

Yes, that's exactly what I wanted to be associated with, a keg of beer. Actually, it is the effort of one of our dedicated reporters for the diocesan newspaper for her parish in OKC. Specifically, she has taken it upon herself (Bravo! to Cara) to create some programming for young adults. I will be speaking on Tuesday night on Apologetics, what is it, and answering some specific questions and issues. Here is the list that I received as preparation for the talk. They want to know:
*Baptism- Why we do not completely submerge people being baptized?
*Why do we worship Mary and the Saints? (We don't and if you are, you better stop. This makes God mighty peeved...)
*Why do we pray to statues? (Ah, we don't. What are they doing at this parish?)
*Why do we need prayer beads to pray? (Because you have a body)
*Why do we use incenses? ( That's a long story but it has to do with the Exodus in part)
*What about the bells during Mass? (There's more to this than waking up the crowd I'll tell you what)
*Why do we believe the Pope is infallible? What is that concept?
(It's both startling and pretty modest)

It looks to be fun. Will post results of my efforts later. I also love the irony of the talk taking place on the feast of St. Justin Martyr.

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