Friday, May 28, 2004

What a Novelty!

Here's a crazy notion. Actually teach kids to practice and understand what the content of the Faith is and they will react positively. I am giving all the credit to reversion 2.0: catholic immersion schools for finding this. It sounds like reversion's author and my sister would get along fine. They are products of the same catechetical environment, and it always fascinates me when I go over to my sister's house (or "crib" so Fr. H can expand his hip-hop vocab) and we can get into a long, free-wheeling discussion of some element of the Faith based on a throw away comment from a seminary text book. And why does this conversation happen? In her words, "we were never taught this."

I would suggest too going to the NPR site and listening to the actual story. Try to hold back the gag reflex though. I have found the on air reporters are the epitome of snide condescension.

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