Tuesday, June 01, 2004


One of the factors sure to change the U.S. is the constant immigration of Hispanics, mostly Mexicans, onto our shores. It will change us because they will be the first mostly homogeneous ethnic group to come in the States, in a large group. Previous immigration waves were mixed Europeans. This influx of Hispanics should also prove a challenge to our dominant culture of pampered white Protestant European culture. It will be of great interest to see if Catholicism can find greater coverage in the public square because of this immigration.

After reading the post about selective abortion, consider if more Hispanic women could teach Anglo women to love their unborn children this much. This might be an old story, but it is still makes a valuable point. No greater love has this than to lay down one's life for one's friends or one's children.

The only caveat comes at the end. While the force of one culture can force another culture to adapt, there will be those that are swept out of their camp and into the other. The last sentence of the article points to this. While Ramirez certainly understood the value of the life she carried in her womb, she has listened to American culture and found "other ways" to deal with this matter in the future. (Thanks to Fr. H for catching the end of the article, which somehow, in my fevered blogging, I missed.)

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