Monday, June 07, 2004

'Tis a pity: Part II
This post has nothing to do with Fr. Tharp's previous one of the same title. However, the title fits my post too. I just saw something on the news that caught my eye. It is a seemingly small matter, but, then again, if it is so small and simple, why isn't it obvious? I really hope there is a simple explanation for this that I am overlooking. I don't want to make fun of someone nor harp on something that may have been a one time mistake, but here we go...

I just saw footage of the Governor of California paying respects to President Ronald Reagan. The footage showed the Governor making the sign of the Cross. I was delighted as I saw him begin to make the sign. But immediately, my expectations were dashed. After touching his forehead and chest, he then moved to his right shoulder first, followed by the left. Perhaps he hails from an Eastern Catholic Rite. But if not, why can't an adult Latin Rite Catholic AT LEAST know how to make the sign of the Cross?

Lord, help us!

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