Saturday, July 03, 2004

a Day Late, A Dollar Short

In my unfortunate funk of yesterday, a momenteous event occurred that I forgot to note for the electronic ages, le epoques electroniques. Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of Fr. Stephen Hamilton's ordination to the Holy Priesthood of Christ. Fr. H has served as an example of good priestly service to his younger brother, although in temporal years I am older, as well as the proper way to host a dinner. I don't think that I can forget the shock and horror of my preparation of a pair of pot roast turning absolute joy as Fr. H swiped the pan with chunks of bread in the hopes of getting the last of the "chunkies."

I wonder now if that was what Fr. H was waiting for when I called last night, a warm congratulations. Well, buddy, if it is any consolation, I arrived at your Mass of Thanksgiving late, so this is just par for the course.

Remember him in your prayers, faithful readers.

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