Wednesday, July 28, 2004

(Half)Baked Beans: Part II
Well, I never got around to commenting on Tuesday night's activities at the Democratic National Convention ... until now.

First, Ron Reagan.  His father's death was mourned by a country, and for an honorable length of time.  But now the sympathies are over.  The overriding opinion I have of him,after watching his DNC appearance, is that he is a shameless opportunist.  Yes, I know that his attachment to the stem cell research issue is deeply personal and fueled by a serious loss.  However, it is apparent that Ron has the audacity to act as if anyone who opposes his view wants to see, or worse actually enjoys seeing, people suffer from terrible disease.  He presented the embryonic stem cell issue as if it were a "no brainer", that there is no reasonable objection to it.  It was totally offensive.  Furthermore, he quite literally lied about what happens with embryonic stem cells.  He explained the procedure as beginning with the harvesting of cells from one's own body.  Yes, that is one issue, but that is not in any way an adequate explanation of "embryonic" stem cells, which is what he claimed to be explaining and advocating.  Furthermore, he walked his listeners through what I can only call a "cartoonish" presentation of the science and the reality of embryonic stem cell research.  He put on the hat of biological and philosophical expert by claiming that embryos are not human life and that "we all know it too" because they don't think, or breathe, or have fingers and toes.  The man is an arrogant ass.  And only the most idiotic of modern morons could stand at the podium of a national political party convention to deliver an address and actually claim that his is NOT a political speech.  Give me a break!

Second, Teresa Heinz Kerry.  BORING!  What was she talking about?  I don't think I can tell you.  I did have to scratch my head at the constant reference to women being silenced and longing for the day when women's voices would be heard.  Can anyone tell me which America she is living in?  Women's voices aren't heard?  Still?!  What does she mean?  What does she want?  Please, lady, stick with the ketchup!  Your point is much clearer and quite tasty on that front.

And now tonight.  John Edwards.  He knows how to play a crowd.  He delivered a great speech.  But more and more (and I don't reserve this comment only for Democrats, by the way) I find myself giving that evaluation of a speech based almost purely on its "energy and vitality".  Why?  Because, it seems like these politicians say everything, which is actually saying nothing because you can't pin them down on much of anything.  He rattled off this amazing list of what he and Kerry would do in the White House, the whole time pretending that they will somehow be free of the bureaucratic gridlock that is the modern political landscape.  The message seems to be that when a Republican can't get things done it's because he is lacking morally.  When a Democrat can't get things done, it is someone else's fault.  Oh, they all play that stupid line don't they?  While I enjoyed Edwards' vitality in the speech, I found myself wondering, how are they going to pull all of this great stuff off?  The Tower of Babble in Boston.

And, no, I don't really expect the Republican National Convention to be Babble-free.  I do expect it will make a bit more sense, however.

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