Saturday, July 03, 2004


An opening montage of scenes from The Passion of Christ played over the following voice over...

Lashes at the Pillar 29
Thorns on the Crown 60
Gaining Eternal Redemption for all of humanity (pause) Priceless.

Okay, maybe not. I receive a mountain of junk mail of all types, especially credit card orders. This one is a classic. I received a credit card for small business from Mastercard, hence the labored attempt at humor above. (N.B. Please don't crowd my comments boxes with the observation that the Redemption did have a price. I understand that. It is their silly ad campaign I have to work with.)

The humor comes from the fact that it is computer generated to say "Owner" on the first line and the business's name on the next line. So what does the address label read? I quote, "Owner, St. Cornelius Catholic Church, 627 12th St., Alva, OK 73717-2003."

So, do I forward this to the Archbishop? To the Apostolic See? Perhaps if I leave it at the Tomb of the Holy Sepulcher, our Lord will send an angel to pick it up. It does beg the question of whether or not the Lord needs a MasterCard, no matter how fitting the name.

I have heard of taking "canonical possession" of an assignment, but this is ridiculous.

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