Friday, July 16, 2004

Stewart Sentenced to 5 Months in Prison

Most of our long time readers know of my disdain for all the attention this case has received. When you compare Stewart piddly $50,000.00 gain from shady exchange practices to the hundreds of millions taken from pensions and retirement funds by the greedy, money-worshipping jerks (that isn't too judgmental, is it?) at places like Tyco or Enron, it is quite possibly the perfect case of the media manufacturing the news. This is not to say that Ms. Stewart doesn't deserve to be arrested, tried, and thrown in prison, if found guilty, for her wrong doing, but let's keep it in perspective.

The news of her arrest and sentencing led to some funny reflections this morning. I am standing in the kitchen working on some homemade salsa and listening to Regis and Kelly with the occasional broken-in aside from CBS news. (The local CBS affliate carries R&K.) I started thinking about how so many celebrities, after moments such as these, find religion. Recently I heard that Stephen Baldwin had become an Evangelical Christian and anyone who has flipped past TBN on his cable box has spotted a parade of musicians, sports heroes, and other celebrity types, weeping and professing how they've changed, they've really changed. (BTW, why don't we hear about these celebrity types becoming Catholic? Is no one trying to reach these folks?) Well, when I thought of Martha Stewart on that one show with the woman with mile-high hair and terrible make-up, I quite nearly lopped off a finger while chopping cilantro. Seriously. I am sure that Martha could help out TBN in the decorating department in ways scarcely imagined by mortal minds...

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