Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Campaign Trail: Day 8
Clergy Days was a success. It was fairly well-attended and the presenter was quite good. It was the first clergy gathering in some time that did not leave me with some significant theological objection or problem with at least one of the talks. In this case, all of the talks were good. The presenter even told me, in a side conversation, that I needed to maximize my time by not expending too much time in places where my support is virtually assured. He suggested I spend time with the "swing votes". But there was a surprise result to one poll taken near the coffee bar area of the conference room. I approached a brother priest, whose vote I was sure I could count on. I said hello, we shook hands, I asked if he was doing okay, and he responded: "Yes, I'm doing well, but I am not voting for you." The immediacy and bluntness took me by surprise. I am going to have to re-evaluate the votes I thought I had locked up. However, if there is anything good about that exchange, it tells me that my candidacy is well-known and that my campaigners are getting the word out!

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