Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Convention bound
Well, folks, the word came in just last night to my rectory that I am one of the top four nominees among the priests of this archdiocese for election to the Council of Priests. This happened last year, too, but I lost the election. So, my rectory has once again become a campaign headquarters. I must get my speech ready for the big presbyteral convention. I need to define myself and clearly set forth my views and positions, while trying to downplay my youthfulness. But I am afraid the mudslinging has already begun. Remember the picture of me from the Sound of Music in cassock and biretta? Well, it is being used against me. The image of a candidate in cassock and biretta I guess harkens back to pre-Vatican II days and it elicits a knee-jerk reaction from many clergy. The labels "Roman Catholic" and "orthodox" will definitely hurt my image as a candidate. And I may not be able to overcome the misunderstandings surrounding the Spanish Mass debacle before election time. Oh, spin doctors, get to work! I will keep you posted of the latest exit polls as priests of the archdiocese leave their sacristies, and, of course, of the final outcome after the September 1 voting deadline.

It is true I have been nominated. Please read the rest tongue in cheek.

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