Friday, August 20, 2004

I Have Not Been Silenced
I just wanted to reassure all the CRM readers that I have not been silenced by my bishop, nor by myself. I hope that the situation with the unhappy reader has been settled. I have been thinking about the situation, and I think that the title of this blog may be magnet for people who might not agree with the general opinions of the authors. Being called "Catholic Rage Monkey" some may think that it is a blog for people who are angry at the Catholic Church for some reason, and that they will find kindred spirits here to share their "rage" with. That has its pros and cons, but at the very least it means that we need to be ready for some flaming from time to time.

If I am more quiet for the next 10 days or so it is because my pastor pretty much insisted that I take some time off. Oh, its not because of anything I did or said. Actually he has told me that he is very happy with my work at the parish, and relieved that I get along so well with the other priests in the parish (not that anyone before me didn't get along, but a new person is always an unknown, and when the priests don't get along in a rectory it makes rectory life very difficult, and it causes tension in the parish). Rather, since I am at a rather big parish (about 4000 families; the folks from the Archdiocese of OKC can close their mouths now, yes, we have lots of people and we are not even close to being the biggest parish in the diocese, which has 7000 families), and because we have both our own high school (about 1100 students) and grammar school (600 students), things really get hopping once September gets here so he wants me well rested. Thus I am visiting my sister in NC, and next week will be spending some alone time (well just me, God, and Homer, the Greek not Simpson) at the Outer Bank. When I can get to a computer I will try to think of something to contribute.

Yours in Christ with the Immaculata!

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