Monday, August 30, 2004

Memo to the Iconoclastic World:
You say you don't understand the Catholic and Orthodox Church's decoration, the Sacraments, the importance of gesture, symbolism and what it communicates? Or worse, some even think these things contrary to Sacred Scripture.

I say, you seemed completely comfortable during the Closing Ceremony of the 28th Olympiad! You even participated in it and found it meaningful. If you were moved by and "spoken to" by the Olympic torch's flame being passed on to a ten year old girl and then on to the rest of the stadium via individual little torches, then don't treat as frivolous the baptismal candle being passed from the Easter candle to the newly baptized. And if you can grasp that much, then you have an insight into the depth and meaning of our world, the world the Son of God chose to enter in another outward sign -- human flesh!

Yes, the "logic" of the Sacraments is sometimes in the seemingly most unlikely of places.

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