Thursday, August 12, 2004

Overheard at The Conference

Fr. Tharp: "Ah, Father (the liturgy director for Wichita), given that you don't have a bishop..."
(an outburst of laughter from Fr. Larkin and Fr. Gorges)
Fr. Tharp: (continuing) "...what do you say when you come to the mention of the bishop in the canon?"
Fr. Borkenhagen: "You just skip it."
Fr. Tharp: "Oh, good. That's what I thought." (Walks over to Fr. L and Fr. G) "And what was so funny?"
Fr. Gorges: "When you asked about the bishop, I thought you were volunteering for the job."
Fr. Tharp: "I would never come right out and ask...what kind of evil manipulator do you think I am?"

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