Monday, August 23, 2004

Reporting from the Road

I've got me a Camry,/
It's as big as a whale,/
and it's about to set sail...

Yes, it's me, reporting in from the Daveshack. It's really more of a bungalow, but you get the idea. Before I head over to the priests' inservice, I thought I would stop and visit our techmonkey as today was the first day of school for him. No, he's not a student; he's the teacher. =shudder=

But God love him, this is his purgatory, assuming he is offering it up. And more to the point, he teaches 6th grade. If that isn't cause for canonization records to be kept, I don't know what is.

And because I am such a good, nice alpha male ragemonkey, I didn't post this commentary about Dave's occupation as "Another Good Reason to Homeschool." Only a cruel jerk would do that.


(I told you, Dave. This ragemonkey remembers every coup attempt and punishes all those involved.)

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